What is Digital Maketing in simple terms

Have you recently heard the term digital marketing? maybe from a youtube channel or from a friend and wonder what does it mean actually in this blog you are going to learn the meaning of digital marketing in the easiest way possible.

So basically Digital marketing is comprised of two terms digital + marketing . We will first see mind map and then we will understand each term in brief detail.

According to recent studies, it has been found that more than 63 % population is using the internet so it is obvious that the impact of digitalization is high on demand right ?”

So “Digital basically means any electronic device that uses 0 , 1 and produces results” that is basic knowledge of digital but we will try to understand it in terms of digital marketing.

Have you used mobile phones and laptops ofcourse you have unless you are a caveman or the richest person in the world just kidding so these are examples of digital mediums which we will be using to approach more people with help of these devices?

Here is a summary of what we just discussed in mind map format.

Okay so now we are aware of the word “digital” in reference to digital marketing.

Now let’s try to understand what actually is marketing but before that can you answer me one question if you have a business how are you going to promote your business?

I think most of the replies will be through newspapers, tv, or pamphlets absolutely right you are a genius.

That is called marketing and If we do marketing through digital platforms like social media, then it will be called as Digital marketing.

So this is the basic understanding of digital marketing in the next blog full insight into digital marketing will be revealed in very simple and easy language.

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